Terry Sanford High School – 2014-2015

terrysanford-webThe SAVE Chapter at Terry Sanford High School has the following activities planned for the 2014-15 school year:

National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)

  • “Booze Buggy”-Students will be allowed to drive a golf cart around a coned course wearing goggles that change a person’s vision to that of a person under the influence of alcohol. The activity allows for students to experience how driving drunk is dangerous while raising awareness about drunk driving.
  • “Prom Pledge” – Seniors and Juniors will sign a large banner promising to not text and drive or drink and drive. This raises awareness about the dangers of driving while texting or intoxicated and helps to ensure the safety of students on prom night and throughout their lives.

Activities during other times of the school year:DCFC0225.JPG

  • We have worked with Driver’s Education classes doing several activities and presentions about the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as the need to buckle up and not use cell phones. We also presented about other distractions as well.
  • X the TXT – Students will have the opportunity to pledge to not text and drive  and this message will be portrayed throughout the entire school. There will be a destroyed car outside in front of the school on the grass  with an “X the TXT’ sign to spread the message and show others that texting and driving is a serious matter.
  • Will be hosting a drinking and driving prevention event closer to spring break and prom. place signage around campus encouraging drivers to buckle up.  We will continue to work with drivers education classes and planning some presentations at local elementary schools reminding them to “Buckle Up.”

The SAVE Chapter Advisor at Terry Sanford High School is Robert Hight.