Terry Sanford High School, Fayetteville, NC

A new SAVE chapter and Allstate grant participant, Terry Sanford is addressing the issues of school and teen driving safety with films, presentations from the Department of transportation and a “No Texting While Driving” Campaign. Drunk driving demos and DWI autos will remind students of the dangers of distracted driving and students will sign a Prom Pledge to not drink & drive and to always buckle up. In November, the chapter had a “Smash Out Drunk Driving” event using impaired goggles.  Students also pledged to drive sober, not call or text, avoid distractions and buckle up by signing the SAVE banner.

During National Youth Violence Prevention Week, students were challenged to focus on promoting respect and tolerance, managing anger, resolving conflicts peacefully, supporting safety and uniting in action.  Challenges were part of morning announcements and posters were displayed around the school.  Flyers expressing these challenges in terms of safe driving with an emphasis on texting were put on cars’ windshields.

During National Youth Traffic Safety Month, students drove a golf cart on an obstacle course wearing impaired driving goggles, which raised awareness of the negative effects of alcohol.   Mr. Robert Hight is the SAVE Chapter advisor.

Article on impaired driving course activity – Fayetteville Observer, May 18, 2013