Princeton High School, Princeton, NC

The SAVE Chapter at Princeton High School chose one topic to focus on each month to bring students attention to issues that relate to their safety and well being. In September the students made signs to display reminding students of safe driving habits.  Bracelets, thumb rings, car coasters, air fresheners, and decals with safe driving messages were handed out to students who signed a safe driving pledge.

The October activity was a school wide presentation with the VIP for a VIP group and local law enforcement.  The event included an assembly,  mock funeral of a student and a mock crash.  The event had a huge impact on our student body as it followed closely on the heels of the deaths of two students at the school within a two month time frame. The chapter made monetary contributions to both families to help pay for funeral costs or other expenses during their time of loss.  A senior student designed new labels and messages for some highly recognizable alcohol containers and they were placed on posters around schools to remind students to make smart choices and not drink.  Safe driving announcements were made during and before sporting events.

The focus shifted from safe driving to being drug free later in the fall.  Students signed pledges, candy with messages were distributed, and announcements each morning where heard over the intercom.  A contest for middle school students encouraging them to participate in creative writing, art or music was conducted.  During Red Ribbon Week, students wore red shoe laces on Monday, red ribbons on Tuesday, red clothing on Wednesday,  hats on Thursday and boots on Friday,  as a way of showing support for stomping out drugs in schools and communities.   In December over $500 was raised selling lollipops to provide Christmas presents for children of a local family in need.

The Chapter’s community outreach project used “Top 5 to Stay Alive” as the slogan. The slogan was printed on t-shirts and on a sign that was used on a mobile billboard.  The billboard was moved around the county each week for three months and will be put on permanent display at the school for all visitors and those driving by to see. The last event of the year was the town’s 3rd Annual Community Day. They set up a booth and students talked to younger children and adults who came to the event about safe driving and making better choices.

Ms. Heather Richards is the Princeton SAVE Chapter’s Advisor.