Garner Magnet High School, Garner, NC

Garner Magnet High School’s SAVE Chapter will continue its mission this year to make their school a safe place with anti-bullying and pledge activities.   For the Homecoming Parade Entry, SAVE students decorated a truck pulling a trailer with slogans and banners with anti-bullying themes from years past and X the TXT slogans.

During America’s Safe School Week in October,   SAVE members created signs to advertise No Bullying/No Harassment Awareness.  Over 900 students signed non-violence and anti-bullying pledges and were given pamphlets on cyber bullying, and gun, TV and dating violence.  Pledges are posted in a display case in one of the more active hallways in the school. A Rally Around the Flagpole for anti-bullying awareness occurred on National SAVE Day.

On November 1, 2012,  the chapter conducted an Anti-Texting while Driving Program with the Garner Police Department.  Students attempted to drive a golf cart through a cone course while texting as other students observed and afterwards attended a presentation with video and discussion.

In the weeks before Thanksgiving, the club members created a “Safety Turkey” display which promotes helpful hints for safe driving and general safety.

During National Youth Violence Prevention Week students sign banners that hung in the main lobby where they took a pledge to help Silence the Violence. Pamphlets on Anti-Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Quest for Non-Violence on TV, and Weapons in the Homes were handed out. The week ended with ‘Silence the Violence’ day in which students wore t-shirts that said “Silence the Violence” had duct taped stickers touting non-violence statements such as No Means No, Take a Stand Against Violence or Let Your Voice Be Heard.  Over 100 students pledged that day to remain silent throughout their classes and lunch periods in support of nonviolence.

On April 18, an X the TXT event was held with thumb-band distribution for the second half of freshman and sophomore classes. The Garner Police Department assisted with the use of fatal vision goggles for sobriety testing experiences and the seatbelt convincer.  On April 20, chapter advisor, president and secretary attended the NC Teen Driving Summit in Johnston County. The teens were very excited to bring back ideas for the club for next year.

In conjunction with having a safe Prom, the week of April 30, began with the “grim reaper” walking into classrooms and tapping on students’ shoulders to have them leave the room.  Students returned to class with black shirts and statistics on teen driving deaths around their necks.  They were silent the rest of the day. A mock crash simulation was demonstrated with the assistance of the Garner Fire Department, Wake County EMS, and Garner Police Department.  Presentation included a video montage, honor guards and a draped casket and a flower spray with the words “Choices and Consequences” presented to the student body while bagpipes were playing “Amazing Grace”.   Students signed pledges to be sober and safe for the upcoming Prom. “THINK” rubber bracelets were handed out at school and at Prom as a reminder of their promise. The “THINK” theme continued throughout May, as students were asked to think about their choices and safety.

Ms. Vickie Szarek advises the Chapter.

MEDIA ALERT: Garner Magnet High School Chapter Of Students Against Violence Everywhere Hosts Safe Prom Event May 2– May 1, 2013

Staged crash hits at real drunk driving – Garner-Cleveland Record, May 11, 2013