Purnell Swett High School

The SAVE Chapter at Purnell Swett High School in Pembroke, NC began the year with an Informational Blitz where information on bullying,peer pressure, gun violence, and safe driving was distributed.



Activities being planned for later in the school year include:


  • Hosted a gun “turn in” or “buy back” event with local law enforcement & have presentation on the impact of weapons at school
  • Hosted a community food drive to feed local families in need for Thanksgiving & essay Contest on “What I Am Thankful For….”
  • Hosted a School Resource Officer appreciation dinner with Village Station & have students speak on the impact of having SROs at their school
  • Sponsored a toy drive in partnership, create a PSA to be shown in mornings at school


  • Began “X the TEXT” campaign with a poster contest
  • Created a “How to resolve conflict” program, & host an Anger Management workshop
  • Hosted a Cultural Diversity Seminar
  • Hosted a Valentine’s Dance; secure community sponsors; distribute safety brochures at event
  • Secured corporate sponsors for SAVE chapter and conduct a faith based marketing campaign to help raise funds


  • Promoted “Don’t Press Your Luck” campaign regarding drinking driving, speeding, driving w/o seatbelts
  • Distributed pendants, stickers and other materials focusing the time around St. Patrick’s Day
  • Began planning for National Youth Violence Prevention week
  • Hosted a School Pride event with youth, assisting with beautification project
  • Organized 2 screenings of “BULLY”
  • Continued with “X the TEXT” campaign to determine winners of contests        
  • Hosted seat belt safety with local law enforcement
  • Planed for Prom and Project Graduation to include distribution of brochures on safe driving, date rape/violence, etc.                          
  • Hosted Traffic Safety to include crash simulator

purnell or lumberton

The SAVE Chapter is advised by Venega McArthur.

November 7, 2013 – Terry Sanford and Lumberton Senior high schools receive grants – Fayetteville, NC