Harding University High School

The Harding University High School SAVE Chapter hosted an X the Text pledge signing event at their first home football game.  During America’s Safe Schools week they conducted the following awareness activities:

  • Students conducted a hand painting project where students placed their handprint in orange and purple paint on a banner which signifies – Stop the Violence. Banner is displayed in the cafeteria.
  • During the homecoming game in October, SAVE members released purple and orange balloons in memory of Travis Davis, a Harding Football player that was shot to death. This is an annual event.
  • SAVE members teamed up with the AT&T  “It Can Wait” campaign to have students to sign pledges and also placed stickers on all cars in the student/teachers parking lot.
  • SAVE members conducted a “Mix It Up” activity in the cafeteria allowing other students to eat lunch with others they normally would not socialize with.




  • SAVE members coordinated with our Resource Officer to have a wrecked car parked under the SAVE/Allstate banner beginning 5 May until after prom. A picture of the wrecked car will be placed on the school website.
  • SAVE members teamed up with AT&T to spread the message about texting and driving. Posters were placed on staff/students cars.
  • SAVE members participated in an event where they painted their face white, had statistics of motor vehicle/violent crime around their neck and sat silent in their classes for half a day.
  • Students created a peace quilt for the SAVE summit.

The SAVE Advisor at Harding University High School is Sgt. Marcia Jeter.