Fairmont High School

Fairmont High School had their initial SAVE kick-off  with a screening of the BULLY documentary sponsored by the Mayor of Fairmont, Charles  Kemp and the Fairmont High Youth Council aka the SAVE chapter. The Fairmont High Youth Council voted to serve as the foundation for the SAVE charter and are working on recruiting more students.

On National SAVE Day students handed out facts about SAVE as a way of   introducing SAVE to the whole school during lunch periods.   In November the chapter held a can drive and was able to provide  for three families.    During the can drive students were mindful about donating generously to those in need during Thanksgiving.  Students were also introduced to the “X the Txt” campaign and had a poster contest.


In March, students during each lunch period were able to take the pledge not to text and drive. After taking the pledge students were given a fact about statistics of texting and driving. For National Youth Violence Prevention Week, students at the beginning of the week took the pledge of being fight free. The next day students, passed out fireballs with the phrase “Don’t let anger heat you up”. On the third day, the school advisor did an announcement of how fights are started at school and how one can prevent them.

November 7, 2013 – Terry Sanford and Lumberton Senior high schools receive grants – Fayetteville, NC