Bunn High School

For their Back to School activities, the Bunn High School SAVE Chapter created and distributed Freshman Survival Tip brochures.  SAVE members attended all freshman classrooms and did a brief presentation. The brochure included information on the schools tipline.  They also conducted an anti-drug poster contest.  In September students received a lot of feedback from the  School Safety Surveys. For the most part students felt safe at school and SAVE appears to ne making an impact by helping stop violence.  Driving safety was the focus in October and the chapter has a float in the Bunn Homecoming Parade.  Signs promoting no texting/drinking and driving and the SAVE banner were displayed.

Bunn homecomng


During America’s Safe School Week,  students passed out smarties and dumdums in the student and teacher parking lots as a seatbelt awareness activity.  On National SAVE Day, the students passed out information on sexual assault, gang awareness, teen domestic violence, bullying, different types of drugs and their harmful effects, drinking/texting and driving, and suicide and depression. School tip line “business” cards were also distributed.  To wrap up the week , SAVE students set up a distracted goggle driving  with the help of NC Highway Patrol.  The students were so shocked at how bad their driving skills were “under the influence,”  that the event is being planned again for the spring.

A “Tear Down the Wall” activity was held the following week. This involved building  a paper wall out of ‘bricks’ on which students wrote things of which they are intolerant.   The next day students took those bricks down and discussed the ‘intolerance’ at their lunch tables.

In November, SAVE was busy assisting and heading up toy and food drives in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the SAVE students stayed after school one day and made Christmas  cards for the soldiers overseas.  The chapter also collected jeans for the homeless.

bunn jeans


Coming up:

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (April 7-11): Activities included a rememberance event for a student that was killed after school in 2007 as a victim of domestic violence. The week included information distribution and speakers focusing on relationship violence. The chapter also had activities focusing on gangs, bullying, and other youth violence topics.

National Youth Traffic Safety Month: The SAVE chapter conducted an X the Text event and an assembly with speakers from MADD and first responders.  They also conducted safe driving simulation activity and activities surrounding prom.

The Bunn High School SAVE Chapter also conductedeveral service project to benefit their local community including the local animal shelter, domestic violence center, and food bank.  The SAVE Advisor at Bunn High School is Officer Ruby Savage.