Reaching Out Through Service Projects

In a time full of sharing and giving, such as during the holidays, violence can be more devastating for its victims. By reaching out through service to our school and community, we can create a better environment for those who may not otherwise have a happy holiday season. SAVE emphasizes the importance of developing responsible citizens as a promising effort in preventing violence in our schools and communities. Youth should not only know their rights, but responsibilities in areas of the law, government, the Constitution, and in daily civic activities. It is difficult to emphasize to youth that they “should” be and feel a part of their community without providing opportunities to learn first-hand. Learning by doing is a key component of SAVE through service projects. Empowering students to get involved in hands-on efforts to prevent violence is a very rewarding learning experience of SAVE. SAVE is a way for youth to get involved!

Crime Prevention Activities

  • Sponsor a law enforcement/emergency medical responders appreciation meal.
  • Host an “It’s OK to Tell” Workshop to encourage students to report potential acts of violence.
  • Have students keep a TV viewing record and talk about violence in the media.
  • Develop a suggestion box or phone line for suggestions or anonymous tips to improve school safety.
  • Serve as student patrollers between classes and during lunches to encourage positive behavior.

Conflict Management Activities

  • Hold a school-wide conflict management pep rally. Have the SAVE members teach tips on solving problems through skits and activities (SAVE Essentials, Conflict Management).
  • Bring in an umpire or referee to talk about conflict management on the field and in athletics.
  • Conduct the “What’s Your Conflict Management Style?” Activity (SAVE Essentials, Conflict Management -5).
  • Model the “Where do Conflicts Happen” activity with your SAVE chapter or other classes (SAVE Essentials – Conflict Management – 55).
  • Establish a mid-term exam station stocked with “brain food” for students needing a break from testing stress.
  • Provide students free hot chocolate with the theme “Don’t Let Anger Heat You Up!”

Service Project Activities

  • Adopt a family for the holiday season to provide food, gifts, decorations or other essential items.
  • Sponsor a holiday canned food drive to assist your local food bank.
  • Shovel snow for the elderly or clean up yards or parks.
  • Visit a local nursing home and assist with resident leisure activities.
  • Collect nonviolent toys, clothes, stuffed animals, or coats for local shelters or designated assistance programs.