Back to School Safety

It is “that” time of year again. Students are heading back to school and it’s hard to determine who is more excited, the students or the parents! Students have their pens and paper and their outfits for the first day of school, but have you thought about safety and what you need to do to prepare for a safe school year? A small amount of planning now can help everyone have a more pleasant and safer experience for the entire school year and beyond. SAVE Chapters nationwide are encouraged to lead their school sites in safety activities.


This month’s focus includes activities in the areas of Safety Awareness, Crime Prevention, and Conflict Management for the classroom. Listed are some suggestions to begin the school year on a positive note while working towards a safer school and community. Let the beginning of the school year be a time to concentrate on new SAVE activities, fewer cases of violence in and around the school and community and the safety of those around you.

Crime Prevention Activities

  • Create a Back to School brochure or tip sheet for parents.
  • Assist your School Resource Officer in conducting a safe school site assessment. Use the “Personal Safety: Moving Safely in the Community” Activity with chapter members (SAVE Essentials, Crime Prevention-31).
  • Create a fact sheet with tips on how to prevent theft.
  • Aid school administration by developing a presentation for the student body on school rules (SAVE Essentials, Crime Prevention-1).

Conflict Management Activities

  • Encourage and aid your school in developing and/or implementing a way in which students and parents are fully informed on the rules and discipline policy.
  • Establish a “Fight Free Days” program at your school (SAVE Essentials, Conflict Management- 53).
  • Create a bookmark or tip sheet for students on what to do if they are bullied.
  • Conduct the “How to be a good Listener” activity with chapter members. (SAVE Essentials, Conflict Management-9).

Service Project Activities

  • Hold a kickoff get together for chapter officers prior to the start of school. Ideas include: SAVE picnic on school grounds, or a tailgate party in school parking lot (SAVE Essentials, Introduction – 11[Getting Started]).
  • Create and hang posters sharing your chapters meeting time and place, inviting all age students to attend the first meeting.
  • Have a SAVE flyer placed in the school registration packet.
  • Announce meetings over the PA system inviting everyone to attend and announcing planned activities.