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October’s Question of the Month: “Why do you think bullying occurs?  How does your SAVE Chapter address this issue in your school and community?  What is your chapter doing for America’s Safe Schools Week, National SAVE Day and the National SAVE Rock-A-Thon?”


  • Jordan German October 18, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    I think bullying occurs cause bullies want to feel like they have more power over the people they are bullying. And our chapter are having a bully walk along with other schools, organizations, etc. And we asked all the different groups the make a chains so we can connect them and block out bullying. And on the day of the parade, every school is wearing orange. And our chapter is having a rock a thon soon.


  • Macey October 17, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    I believe that bullying happens for numerous reasons but I think the majority of bullies have insecurities and could be having problems in their life, at home or at school. Many bullies could have a bad life at home and they take it out on others to feel the sense of power they are not able to feel since at home they may feel powerlesss. Another way could be that bullies are targeted at school or have been bullied in the past so they hold grudges and want to feel secure about themselves since they have felt so insecure for so long. My save chapter is raising awareness for safe schools by having our resource officer come and talk about safety for our school involving weapons and possible scenerios. My save club is also having an orange and purple day to bring awareness to save club and let people be aware of save club.


  • Taleek Harlee October 16, 2016 at 12:12 am

    Bullying occurs for more reasons than one. One reason is that there is something wrong with the bully an the bully is trying to make there self better. My SAVE Chapter visits the local elementary and teach them about bullying and that it is ok to tell if someone is bullying you. My Chapter has a lot planned for Safe School week from a door decorating contest to visiting the elementary school. National SAVE Day all of our officers are wearing their SAVE shirts, the officers are going class to class teaching about SAVE.


  • Rhiannon Potwin October 13, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    Bullying can happen for so many reasons. Many times however, it is to cover up insecurities of said bully by making other people share the insecurities for the sake of feeling “normal”. It also happens when someone feels like they’re losing control of their life and feel the need to control something, like someone’s feelings and emotions. Our chapter is making posters to stand up to bullying, wearing shirts to show unity, and showing others its okay to embrace the things that may be seen as a flaw. Flaws are what make us unique and different, and give us our own beauty. Without flaws, there would be no difference in people.


  • Marjorie lam October 4, 2016 at 3:11 am

    I believe bullying occurs because many people have different ways of coping with their insecurities, so as a result, they try to bring others down in order to feel a sense of authority or betterness. For bullying prevention, my fellow club members highly frown upon and stress the issues with bullying. My club will be decorating the entire school to promote and celebrate national SAVE.


  • Kaleigh wright September 18, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Bullying occurs for several reasons. The bully may not been taught what they are doing is bad or know people who condone that type of behavior. The victim may “stand out” in the bullies eyes and They don’t know how to react properly. SAVE advocates against bullying, holds anti-bullying week at the school, encourages kids to speak up, and gives the necessary resources to educate teens about bullying. For Americas safe schools week, we will be educating teens on how to be safe and doing anti-bullying pledges. Cuthbertson on will also decorate doors with information as a contest to raise awareness. For national SAVE day, we are participating in a club walk at our school to encourage more people to join.


  • Jordan German October 23, 2015 at 1:45 am

    I think bullying occurs cause bullies want to feel like they have more power over the people they are bullying. And our chapter are having a bully walk along with other schools, organizations, etc. And we asked all the different groups the make a chains so we can connect them and block out bullying.


  • Jenny Suwanmanee October 22, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    I think bullying occurs because people feel powerless and low about themselves. Teenagers, especially, tend to face more problems with bullying because of the environment they are surrounded by. When teenagers feel powerless, they feel the need to have to bully others in order to gain back that power and self-confidence. This causes a chain reaction because the one getting bullied will feel bad about themselves and feel the urge to have to bully others. My SAVE Chapter help address this issue by having a week committed to anti-bullying awareness. My Chapter posts signs around the school that address the problem of bullying and we have a booth with a pledge for students to sign and we give little messages on slips of paper that have nice compliments to cheer people up. For America’s Safe School Week, my Chapter put posters around the school and for National SAVE Day we set a table with information about SAVE so more students can be involved and we also had a poster for students to sign. For National SAVE Rock-A-Thon, my Chapter is going to set up a table during lunch to keep spreading the message of non-violence and we are having give-aways and a possible photo booth that will print out photos with a message attached to the bottom about SAVE.


  • Maggie Adams October 10, 2015 at 2:09 am

    I believe bullying occurs because bullies find the act fun, it makes them feel in control, and they may think it will make them popular. Also, bullying occurs when someone is not properly educated and isn’t even aware of their acts. People who bully others usually have a low self-esteem themselves, and don’t feel a sense of belonging at school.
    My SAVE chapter just put ribbons on all the lockers at our school this week to raise awareness about National Mental Illness Awareness Week. We used orange and purple ribbons to display the statistic that 1 in 5 teens suffer from a mental health disorder. We also put up flyers around the school and made an announcement. My chapter will also be performing some school-wide activities to raise awareness about bullying and the warning signs. We also plan to have the students sign pledges to stop the bullying at our school.


  • Sarah Spradlin October 8, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    Just like they have said before it can occur in many ways. Now a days there are so many opportunities for bullying to happen. It can simply be someone that is jealous of you and wanting you to feel below them. Someone could have previously been bullied and feels like they need to bully in order to feel better. I think the occurrence of bullying can’t be pen-pointed to just one thing. We address it by trying to get people to open up about why they are bullying and how they are getting bullied.We like to make everyone one feel comfortable to just come up to one of the member or even a sponsor. You have the voice to help us help others. Also we have thing hotline called “Bully Hotline”. It helps us to know what’s going on. You just simply text and say what’s happening and we try to fix it! Our Scurry County is hosting a rock-a-thon at a local school for SAVE groups to come and participate in our activities! We also encourage others that aren’t a member to come as well so they can learn more about what SAVE does and what they can do! Overall if you see bullying occurring let someone know so we can do something about it!!


  • Kaleigh wright October 7, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Bullying is caused by many things, such as someone who was once bullied may think that in order to be better they must bully others, adults may not be punishing bullying behavior making others think it is okay, or it could be that media lately makes it seem more acceptable. To address this issue the cuthbertson chapter tries to spread nice messages to all the students, and runs anti-bullying week. For National SAVE day and safe schools week cuthbertson will be trying to draw more members into our chapter, holding a tailgate, doing a color out at school. We are also trying to set up a booth at a football game in order to raise money or collect canned foods for the local woman’s shelter, along with a change wars to raise awareness and money towards the cause


  • Larissa Wilson October 6, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    I for one think that there are many reason why bullying occurs, one thing is the person that is bullying could be jealous. They could wish that they had some things that you have or many jealous of attention that you get. Another reason is the bully could be getting anger out, they could have a bad home life or relationship. In some way people just bully to be cool, which is not cool at all! They do it for attention, thinking they are all big a tough when in the end it’s them who are weak. We remind students everyday that bullying is pointless and will get you nowhere but trouble. My school has a school Rock-A-Thon we don’t just rock in rocking chairs, but we really address the bullying problems in not just our school but others as well.


  • Joanne Saunders October 5, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Bullying usually occurs when certain children feel “powerless” or “inadequate”. Sometimes out of jealousy,if they perceive other “smaller” children to be more loved or favored than themselves. Many times,a Bully is the constant victim of Bullying ,so uses the same tactics others use on him or her.We counteract Bullying through the use of role-playing where original skits based on actual school scenarios are acted out. We also use other forms of performing arts to empower small students to speak up and speak out against All forms of violence,and to encourage good citizenship skills for all.


  • Haley Abernathy October 5, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    People, especially teenagers, tend to be insecure about certain things. Bullying can originate from an individual needing to feel superior to someone else. It can also occur from psychological issues that lead some people to bully as an outlet. There are other reasons that bullying occurs, but these are two very common origins.
    My chapter creates a positive environment in our school and community through campaigns and community service. We just had our SAVE rally. We taught the students about SAVE and invited a guest speaker to share a positive message. We will also be doing several community service activities this month.
    For National Safe Schools Week we encourage students to make a pledge to not drink and drive. For National SAVE Rock-A-Thon we usually visit a local nursing home and interact with the residents. Ram TV (our school’s TV show) also does a texting and driving skit as a part of Octobers show.


  • Gabrielle Allen-Destroismaisons October 5, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    I think bullying occurs for a number of reasons. One reason in particular is that to a certain extent, there are still attitudes held by people that condone this type of behavior. When adults look the other way, they are sending the message that bullying is acceptable. The same is true when peers fail to intervene or stand up for their fellow students. Often times, bullies themselves have emotional issues that they are in denial about. They do not know how to cope with stress or their life circumstances and thus feel the need to elevate themselves by putting down others. Putting themselves in a position of power can feel pleasant to an extent, especially if they have never been able to be in such a position in any other sort of capacity; however, hurting others is not the way to go about boosting one’s own self-esteem. This is also where concepts such as youth empowerment come in.
    If every student felt valued and like they had a place where they “fit in”, then I think bullying would occur less often. We all need to strive to create a place where everyone feels welcome and where everyone’s voice is heard in our schools and communities.
    My SAVE chapter addresses the issue of bullying by spreading awareness of the issue and through offering advice on how to actively prevent it from occurring. We also tend to focus on the positive message behind prevention efforts of this issue, which I think is a unique part of my chapter’s viewpoint. What I mean by this is, instead of simply devoting 100% of our efforts to merely talking about bullying, while opening up the conversation is beneficial, and we actively try to spread ideas and feelings of love, peace, and belonging throughout our school and community. In my opinion, this approach is much more beneficial paired with regular bullying prevention education as opposed to solely participating in awareness activities.
    October is a busy time on the SAVE calendar. My chapter will be planning several events for America’s Safe School Week as well as National SAVE Day which I will share later in the month. Also, don’t forget that the first week of October is National Mental Illness Awareness week. My chapter will be creating lots of posters to put up at school this week concerning mental illness awareness, bullying prevention, and the Martin Richard Bridge Builder Campaign.


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