National Youth Violence Prevention Week Community Wheel

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Click on the National Youth Violence Prevention Week Community Wheel to learn how everyone can play a part in preventing youth violence! Community Wheel


How Can I Help?

  • Adopt a school and donate educational resources that teach young people strategies to reduce violence
  • Check out our sponsor’s websites to learn more about who they are and how they support NYVPW efforts
  • Conduct workshops and share tips, lesson plans, and ideas for preventing youth violence
  • Connect with others to collaborate on the campaign and refer them to the campaign website for more information
  • Create awareness through PSAs, posters, and social media by sharing activities for National Youth Violence Prevention Week using #NYVPW and #violencefree
  • Donate your time, talent, energy, and resources to help with events throughout the week
  • Encourage local media coverage of campaign events
  • Invite local legislators to participate in NYVPW and ask them to officially recognize the event
  • Join/create a local roundtable in your community to formulate strategies to reduce youth violence (see below for more information)
  • Reach out to members in our sponsors’ organizations (School counselors, teachers, social workers, etc.)
  • Send letters to your local, state, and national representatives to ask them to support the campaign
  • Subscribe to the SAVE free monthly newsletter (e-Source) to stay up to date on opportunities to support the NYVPW campaign
  • Wear violence prevention ribbons and hang NYVPW posters to demonstrate your support for the campaign


Consider hosting a community roundtable. These community coalitions are designed to bring communities together to develop action plans to reduce youth violence throughout the year. When establishing your roundtable, try to have at least one representative from each sector identified in the community wheel. This will offer you a variety of perspectives and resources as you develop specific plans to prevent and reduce youth violence throughout the year.

During the conference, explain the concept behind the roundtables and offer an opportunity for interested individuals to sign up. Be sure to get all of their contact information so you can let them know when and where your roundtable will meet. On the sign-up forms, also ask for suggestions on new community-wide initiatives to reduce violence.

For additional tips on setting up a community coalition, check out a guide developed by Study Circles called Organizing Community-wide Dialogue For Action and Change.

Share information about your roundtable so community members can attend!