National Youth Violence Prevention Week Activities & Challenges


Each day of the week will highlight a specific challenge to prevent youth Violence and will be sponsored by a national premier youth-serving organization. The challenges highlighted for 2017 were proposed by the campaign’s Youth Advisory Board and will include:

Awareness Activities

Many activities can be conducted before National Youth Violence Prevention Week to bring awareness to your upcoming week long emphasis:

  • Conduct Workshops and share tips, lesson plans, and ideas for preventing youth violence.
  • Create Awareness through PSAs, posters, and social media sharing for NYVPW. Use #NYVPW on social media.
  • Six out of Ten. Before school opens on Monday morning, place purple and orange ribbons on lockers. Place orange ribbons on six lockers, and then purple ribbons  on the next four, repeat.  This represents the statistic that 60% of American children were exposed to violence, crime, or abuse in their homes, schools, and communities. You can also place orange and purple ribbons on light poles, trees, and fences.

Day 1: Promote Respect and Tolerance! Sponsored by Teaching Tolerance

  • uniteRespect & Tolerance Essay Contest. Have the winning essay read at an event or over morning announcements. Share on social media with #NYVPW
  • Mix It Up!  Eat lunch with someone new, and learn about each other!
  • Experience History. Identify examples of respect and lack of respect for others in social studies textbooks and other materials.
  • Sponsor Spotlight: Sample Activities to Embrace Differences!

Day 2: Manage Your Anger, Don’t Let It Manage You! Sponsored by American Academy of Pediatrics

  • worth-savingDon’t Let Anger Heat You Up! Pass out hot chocolate or fireballs with this phrase attached. Share Tips on Staying Cool When Things Heat Up
  • Pledge to be Fight Free! Create and sign fight free or bully free pledges.  Share on social media with #NYVPW
  • Perform Role Plays or Skits. Illustrate positive ways to deal with difficult situations such as bullying and peer pressure. Everybody Gets Mad, Ideas for Coping.
  • Exercise the Anger Away. Utilize physical exercise to release anger and stress. 
  • Sponsor Spotlight: Emotional Wellness

Day 3: Resolve Conflicts Peacefully! Sponsored by GLSEN 

  • be-the-change-poloroidThink Before You Speak. Conduct an activity regarding homophobic or racial words. Research shows these slurs are often unintentional and simply a part of the teens’ vernacular.
  • Mediate This! Establish a peer mediation program where youth learn how to identify triggers, active listening skills, and how to talk differences out.
  • PSA. Create public service announcements on managing conflicts peacefully. Share on morning announcements, with local media or social media with #NYVPW
  • Establish Fight Free Days. Reward youth who can go so many days fight free with a small reward such as ice cream or early release.
  • Sponsor Spotlight: Want to Make a Lasting Difference in Your School?

Day 4: Support Safety! Sponsored by  STRYVE Action Council 

  • vigilPoster Contest. Conduct a safety-themed poster contest. Share posters on social media with #NYVPW
  • Take Action. Explore Opportunities for Action for preventing youth violence.
  • Safety Fair. Coordinate a safety fair with exhibits and activities involving first responders, local health departments, medical agencies, safety groups and community agencies.
  • Safety Committee. Create or volunteer on a community or school safety committee include youth, first responders, parents and local businesses.
  • Sponsor Spotlight: STRYVE: Resources & Training to Prevent Youth Violence

Day 5: Unite in Action! Sponsored by Youth Service America

  • Unite in Service! Organize a service project where youth and adults come together and make a difference.
  • Peace Mural. Paint a peace mural over graffiti or host peace themed sidewalk art event. Post art on social media with #NYVPW
  • Runaway Resource. Work with community agencies to create a Resource for Runaways card for your community. Include numbers and safe locations where they can get help.
  • Be A Buddy.  Pair adults or youth mentors with other youth for positive role models and positive peer activities.
  • Sponsor Spotlight: Youth Changing the World Toolkit