Back To School Safety

It is “that” time of year again. Students are heading back to school and it’s hard to determine who is more excited, the students or the parents!  Students have their pens, paper, and outfits for the first day of school, but have you thought about safety and what you need to do to prepare for a safe school year? A small amount of planning now, can help everyone have a more pleasant and safer experience during the entire school year and beyond.   SAVE Chapters nationwide are encouraged to lead their school sites in safety activities.  This focus includes activities in the areas of Safety Awareness, Crime Prevention, and Conflict Management.    Let the beginning of the school year be a time to concentrate on new SAVE activities that can result in fewer cases of violence in and around the school and community and the improved safety of those around you.


Chapter Access: Activities and suggestions including the Back to School Safety Toolkit to begin the school year on a positive note while working towards a safer school and community.

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