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  1. March eSource Now Available

    Spring is in the air!  Have you registered for the SAVE Summit? The registration deadline of March 10 is fast approaching.   Has your chapter created…

  2. QOM – March

    The March Question of the Month is:   This month’s focus is on Youth Empowerment. How do you empower others to be violence free?   Share

  3. QOM – February

    Please share the SAVE Question of the Month with your SAVE members. This a place to ask questions and get responses from SAVE members across…

  4. QOM – January

    SAVE’s January focus is on Diversity. How does your SAVE Chapter create a more caring environment and embrace diversity? Share

  5. QOM – December

    December’s Question of the Month:  “How is your SAVE chapter keeping a peaceful environment?  What service projects is your SAVE chapter conducting?” Share

  6. QOM – November

    During November the focus is on weapon safety. Do students at your school know what is considered a weapon? Why do you think students bring weapons…

  7. QOM – October

    October’s Question of the Month: “Why do you think bullying occurs?  How does your SAVE Chapter address this issue in your school and community?  What…

  8. QOM – September

    September QOM: “What can your SAVE Chapter do to bring awareness to mental health issues? What mental health topics are important to your SAVE members?”…

  9. SAVE e-Source Now Available!

    The Summer SAVE e-Source is now available!  Check out the information on Back to School Safety, meet the 2016-2017 National SAVE Youth Advisory Board, hold the date…

  10. QOM – August

    What are three Back-to-School Safety tips? What will your SAVE chapter do to encourage Back-to-School safety? Share