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“American Boy” captures the raw emotions provoked by the senseless acts of violence that take place far too often in America. Crimes often committed by our American Boys. 

Tony Dorsey is a former television reporter on a mission to help stop the violence that shatters too many lives in America. A media relations manager working in Washington D.C., Dorsey wrote and recorded a song titled  American Boy that he has donated to Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE.)

“When I learned about SAVE and its core mission I knew that it was the perfect home for my song American Boy,” said Tony Dorsey. “These lyrics were inspired by the many tragic stories I have covered as a reporter. As I covered these stories, I realized my influence was limited. By writing, producing, singing and donating proceeds from this song to SAVE, I’m doing something more to make a difference.”

An aspiring singer/songwriter, Dorsey put pen to paper while watching the news coverage following the 2013 bombings in Boston. Dorsey wrote “American Boy” to capture the raw emotions provoked by this and other senseless acts of violence.

Dorsey sought help from Michael Bard, who also happens to be his guitar teacher. Over time they added band members, each person donating their time, passion and musical talents to the project. Now known as The Tony Dorsey Band, the group is a collaboration of aspiring and professional musicians. Their day jobs range from media relations manager to neuroscientist; their ages range from late twenties to fifties; and their instrumentation ranges from congas to violin.

“‘American Boy’ is a message to everyone, of all backgrounds,” continued Dorsey. “Each and every one of us needs to do our part to recognize both victims and the potential perpetrators of violence before the damage occurs. Prevention is part of the solution.”

The band is motivated by the single ambition – to give back to their community through music. It is the band’s hope that “American Boy” inspires increased awareness, compassion and contributions, of both time and financial support, to SAVE and others working to stop violence.

It was a yearlong process of writing and rewriting the lyrics and working to perfect the performance. And now the song is available on iTunes and through the SAVE site. Support SAVE and preserve peace for future generations by downloading and sharing “American Boy.”


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