Grant Application Expectations 2016-2017


Thank you to the Allstate Foundation for sponsoring the Youth Empowerment Grants through Students Against Violence Everywhere in North Carolina and Mississippi. We are are appreciative of this sponsorship and the opportunities and support that the local Allstate Agents provide.

Sponsored Chapters will receive:

  • $1,000 mini grant for SAVE Chapter Activities – Can be used for chapter supplies, educational items, activities and events. $500 will be received upon receipt of grant agreement, $500 upon receipt of mid-year report (January).
  • Free SAVE Chapter Affiliation
  • Educational and Promotional Materials:
    • 2nd Edition SAVE Essentials Manual: A SAVE Tool Kit
    • Posters
    • Planning Materials for:
      • Safe Schools Week
      • National SAVE Day
      • National Rock-A-Thon
      • National Youth Violence Prevention Week
      • National Youth Traffic Safety Month (May)
    • Youth Safety Calendars
  • Advisor Stipend – Upon receipt of the Final Activity report, the advisor will receive a $200 stipend.
  • Ongoing Support and Technical Assistance
  • Opportunities to Partner with local Allstate Agents

Expectations of your Chapter:

  • Activities – Chapters who receive sponsorship are expected to participate in the following activities:
    • Youth empowerment and youth safety activities.
    • Activism Projects – Chapters will plan student-directed projects promoting youth safety throughout the school year. Ideas include: posters, brochures, parent/student fact sheets, announcements, assemblies, presentations at PTA meetings, and SAVE Chapter membership drive activities.
    • Key times for activities:
      – October – National Bullying Prevention Month & National Crime Prevention Month
      Safe Schools Week & Teen Safe Driving Week (October 17-21)
      – National SAVE Day (October 19)
      – National SAVE Rock-A-Thon (October 21)
      – Holidays (November/December)
      – No Name Calling Week (January 16-20)
      – Random Acts of Kindness week (February 3-16)
      – National SAVE Summit (April 1)
      National Youth Violence Prevention Week (April 3-7)
      – National Youth Traffic Safety Month/Prom/Graduation (May)
    • Chapters will conduct SAVE events during key times and invite the media and an Allstate representative to attend events.
  • Promote events – Share information on your upcoming events so SAVE can assist you with promoting to local media.
  • Recognize Sponsorship / Involve Allstate Local Agents
    • Thank You Letters – SAVE chapters will have students create a thank you note(s) to the Allstate Foundation thanking them for their support. This Thank You is to be submitted to the National SAVE office.
    • Involvement – SAVE chapters will invite a local Allstate Agents to assist, speak or attend a SAVE chapter event in the fall (i.e. Safe Schools Week) and in the spring (i.e. National Youth Violence Prevention Week). To locate an Allstate agent in your area:
  • Activity Reports 
    • SAVE Chapters will update SAVE of upcoming events.
    • Midyear & Final Reports – SAVE chapters receiving sponsorship will submit a brief online midyear activity report by December 15, 2016 highlighting fall activities and a final report by May 20, 2017 for spring activities. Report to include news clippings, photographs, student population demographics, Allstate representatives involved and other supporting materials.

Funds for this sponsorship are made possible by the Allstate Foundation and administered through the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE).